Yves RocherTardy refund arrives

On June 30, I returned a product I had ordered from Yves Rocher and asked for a refund. I was told I would receive it in four to six weeks.

On Aug. 22, I called to inquire about my refund. The representative told me the returned product had been received and a refund had been issued July 10. She said she would investigate.

On Sept. 1, I called again. There was much discussion as to where my refund check was, but finally I was told a new check would be issued that day.

I’m still waiting to receive it.

– Margaret Mayer

Thank you for letting us know your wait is over.

We also heard from Lorna Lorenzi, customer service representative with Yves Rocher. She was able to confirm that a duplicate refund check had been issued Oct. 20, nearly two months after you were told it would be. Lorenzi called you with an apology and agreed to remove you from the company’s mailing list.