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Proper Handshake Grasp:
In the business setting, whether your a man or a woman you have to express confidence and “shake it like a manâ€?. When interlooping your palm and fingers with another individual, be sure to grasp your palm with their palm.

Never interlace your fingers with theirs without touching the palm. Be sure your palm grip is firm but not too tight. You can practice your grip with a friend and strangers. Your friends will give you their opinions on your handshake. The best part of shaking a stranger’s hand is that you can judge how someone you never met will react to your handshake. Judge their eye movements, their smile (or lack thereof), and body language. Keep working til you get it right.

Shaking Hands Is Not A Contest:
Decades ago, being able to practically break the hand bones of another person when shaking hands was viewed as a sign of strength and confidence. In today’s business enviornment, you might send a person to the hospital if you treat shaking hands like a contest.

Shaking A Woman’s Hand:
Keep in mind that shaking a woman’s hand should be treated the same as shaking a man’s hand. You should clasp palms and match their grip with your own.

Say Something:
Never be afraid of the person you’re meeting. For example, if you’re meeting your future boss and you want to make a good impression say something such as; “Nice to meet youâ€? or “A pleasure to meet youâ€? will do just fine.

Forgetting The Name:
If you forget someone’s name and you still want to make that super first impression there’s a simple trick. Approaching the individual, extend your hand and offer a warm handshake. Say “(Insert Your Name), glad to see you.â€? By saying you are glad to ’see’ them and not ‘meet’ them you are actually playing a clever mind game that often works to your advantage. Having met you before, by saying ’see’ instead of ‘meet’ you’re not implying you forget them entirely. In addition, by offering your name you open a door for them to reciprocate your offering.

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