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Stores are starting to realize that the buy now and get a savings coupon for later strategy can pay off tremendously. As one consumer recently explained, “You’re almost obligated to go back because you have this money to spend“. The system works like this. You go into a start and if you spend $100 today you can get a $50 savings card that can be used in the near future between certain dates. However, you’re obligated to spend that $100 minimum to use the $50 savings card. Sounds a little tricky eh?

The psychology behind the coupons are tremendous. People love to shop and when they have a coupon they feel like they have to use it or they are missing out on ‘free money’. So how do consumers feel about shopping at just one particular store? It could be that retailers are picking up a page from the airline industry and frequent flier miles system. Simply put, the money you spend the more you get but your obligated to stick with the company you spent your cash at. Some companies offer loyalty programs for free, some charge a fee per year, and others go e-mail and postcard crazy trying to get you back into their store.

So what’s the trouble with the buy now and get a coupon for later craze? While it’s tempting to do so, its not always the best investment for your holiday shopping. Some of these deals are only given to consumers who sign up for a store credit card in order to get the discount. That way, you have more trouble tracking your spending if instead you were to use cash. You really don’t want to get into the spend to save trap. Many shoppers will take the coupon discount and use them for things they really do not need.

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