The following is a guest post by Matthew Peschong of the Caffeine Marketing blog.

Hosting a business dining event for your employees and associates means that you are taking on a very large amount of responsibility. As the leader and organizer of such an event you much user your power and make the dining experience pleasurable for your guests. Consider the dining a golden opportunity to get to know your guests on a deeper level and build rapport. This will help you establish healthy and wealthy business relationships.

A savvy host should be on the lookout for trouble markers and it is their duty to maintain every detail of the dining event including; making reservations, planning the event, coordinating the entrees and deserts, and getting valet parkers. Moreover, it is important to consider the following tips;

  • The host should allow the guests at the table to order first.  
  • If one of your guests complains that their order is wrong take initiative and call the waiter over to correct the problem.
  • Offer your guest a seat and have confidence. Pull open a chair for a woman and invite them to sit down and relax.
  • In America, the host should always select the restaurant for guests.
  • Find out what preferences or special accommodations your guests need in food taste (kosher) ahead of schedule.
  • The highest ranking guest (your boss perhaps) should sit to the right of the host.
  • Offer your guests advice on wine, desert, or entree selections.

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