The following is a guest post by Matthew Peschong of the Caffeine Marketing blog.

Creating an effective online presence begins with quality content. After you put your heart and soul everyday into your works online, you might start to wonder when traffic will start rolling into your website.

It’s no secret that having quality inbound links is the first step in an effective online marketing campaign. However, getting those links is a very cumbersome process if you resort to emailing other webmasters and begging for reciprocal link exchanges. For this reason, I have compiled a list of ways you can go about getting inbound link traffic to your website.

  • 1. Free E-Books: While you might write quality content day in and day out the best thing you can do to get something back for your hard work is to offer an e-book exclusive to your website. Write an e-book and offer it to visitors in exchange for a one way text link to your website.

    It will help increase your traffic and profits at the same time. If you say to yourself that you do not have the time to write an e-book you can always just compile a list of your favorite articles, resources, and web tools related to your website’s theme. Offer it to your visitors and they will gladly link to you.

  • 2. Articles: Webmasters constantly scour the web looking for quality content to add to their websites. Provide your visitors with that needed fufillment by providing a list of articles and submitting that list of articles to websites, article directories, and e-zines. In return for your hard work, put a small paragraph about your website or business in the footer of the article with a one way link to your website. I have done this many times with superb excellence.
  • 3. Online Directories: Hundreds of online directories accept website submissions for free. This will allow you to create a stock pile of in bound one way links to profit from. All you have to do is find the link directories that do not require a link back and you are set! You can find a list of directories at Directory Pages.
  • 4. Testimonials: A recent trend online is allowing testimonials to be placed on websites. In exchange for the testimonial, many webmasters will give a link back to your website. From now on, everytime you have a good purchase with a business send them a testimonial and if they decide to publish it they will link back to your website. These will all add up and increase your exposure on the web.
  • 5. Content Is King: Content is always king and ringing your website around the neck with inbound links is parallel to quality content. Other webmasters look for unique and quality content so if you are good you can find unique content and be the first person on the web to make it big.

    Offer trackbacks if you have a blog and let other webmasters link to your website. Free articles, unique tools, tricky tricks, and off the wall tips will add value to your website and strike a chord with other webmasters.

  • 6. Develop A Directory: If you have a website about Barbie Dolls, then make a web directory about Barbie Dolls. Have webmasters submit their websites and require a link back to your website directory where you can promote other webmaster’s websites while highlighting your own amongst the masses.

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