Alan Johnson:

MLM NumbersFirst of all, I’m not going to waste your time (or mine, for that matter) by illustrating the history of MLM, or by insisting on other general aspects.

If you have no idea what MLM represents, if you are unaware as to the meaning of the terms “uplineâ€?, “downlineâ€?, “referrerâ€? or “referralâ€?, then you need to be doing some serious reading (I suggest bookmarking this article, and documenting yourself on MLM in general before reading further).

OK, you know what MLM is all about, and want to start earning some money.

You see headline after headline, promise after promise: “earn thousands of dollars monthly by simply referring your friendsâ€?/â€?achieve financial freedom by joining our programâ€?.

Before joining any MLM, you need to stop fooling yourself into thinking you will become rich overnight and understand what exactly you are getting yourself into.

After all, you can’t win at a game without knowing the rules, can you?

Are high earnings possible with MLM programs? Yes.