Network Marketing Today:

When you consider the investment costs of your typical NM opportunity compared to more traditional business start-ups, the Network Marketing opportunity wins hands down almost every time. Consider further, the return on investment potential should make a business in NM a no-brainer. Why then do the statistical results reveal the contrary?

Inappropriate expectations due largely from the initial presentation could be a major reason.

“There’s no selling involved.”
“We’ll do all the work.”
“You will be earning a six-figure income in 6 months.”

Heard anything like this before? I bet you have and may have even used variations of these pitch lines yourself. Let’s look at these for a moment and consider the result IF there were true.

1. “There’s no selling involved.” This makes the process sound so easy, particularly for the vast majority of people who, when surveyed, rank “selling” as one of the most feared and/or hated activities. (Public speaking is still numero uno.) If there is no selling involved, then how is the money generated to pay all those mega-millionaires the organization advertises?

2. “We’ll do all the work” Hmm. So who’s business is it really? Where does the payoff come for those doing the work if the new recruit receives the enticing benefits? As experienced networkers, how strong and effective would our organization be if none of the new enrollees were taking ownership of their business? Would that permit one to leverage their time, a major benefit in Network Marketing?

3. “You will be earning a six-figure income in 6 months.” Is this possible? I suppose it COULD be with some organizations but extremely doubtful for most people. What happens to the person that reaches month # 7 and after they have LET you do all the work and they’re NOT pulling 100K or more?

Like any other enterprise, Network Marketing requires dedication and commitment, imagination and creativity, and honesty, integrity, leadership, and compassion. This business model can provide anyone the chance to propel the quality of their life into a completely different orbit. It will not happen without hard work and discipline. Network Marketing can be the most fun you’ve ever been paid to enjoy but you need to keep your head right.

People are not the solution for your business – your business could be the solution for people however.