Peak Impact:

Do you wish that you could get leads that were 100% women…or 100% men?

Sometimes it’s just easier only talking to women about your opportunity. Other times, men seem to be more receptive to what you have to say. Whatever the reason, now you can finally get leads that are exactly what you’re looking for with our Real Time Surveyed Gender Leads!

When you place your order for our Real Time Surveyed Gender Leads, you’ll be sponsoring more people more often…because you’ll be playing to your strengths!

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We deliver your Real Time Surveyed Gender Leads to your Lead Back Office within 1-2 seconds after a prospect responds to one of our non-incentivized online advertising campaigns…so you can contact them while they’re still anxious to hear about your opportunity!

You’ll never compete with up to half a dozen other distributors for a prospect’s attention…since our leads are sold, on average, only two times and never, ever sold more than 3 times! Plus, you’ll see the answers prospects gave to as many as 6 survey questions…to help you discover exactly why they’re looking for a business!

With our new “No Bad Leadsâ€? guarantee…you’ll never pay for a lead with a wrong or disconnected phone number. We automatically give you an extra 10% free overage to cover for any bad leads. In the rare case you get more than 10% bad leads, simply email them to us and we’ll replace immediately.

And …you’ll always have full control over your leads. You can set (or change) a daily maximum…pause and re-start lead flow…place additional orders…and more…all from your free Lead Back Office.

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