When you do a Google search for your company or individual name what do you find?

There are 3 types of entries found in a typical search:

1. Good.
2. Bad.
3. None of the above.

ReputationThe web is typically the first place people go to find out information about a company and/or an individual and usually companies with good reputations control most of the information displayed for search engines. The listings are typically company or replicated web sites and perhaps a press release or two.

Obviously having a good web reputation is where everyone wants to be. However, all it takes for a good reputation company to turn bad is one unhappy associate with some blogging skills.

Here are two specific things that good reputation companies can do to help make sure that the reputation remains positive:

1. Monitor the company keywords. Obvious ones are the company and product names, but it is also important to watch the names of key corporate field leadership.

2. Be proactive with positive information by having a company blog and by utilizing keyword optimized press releases.

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