On eBay nobody knows you're 15

NY Times:

One of Bradley Ziegler’s favorite days is the day after Christmas, when the bargain bins at Toys “Râ€? Us and Wal-Mart are filled with marked-down DVDs and GameCube games. As he has done for the past two years, Bradley will pick up an armful of $3.99 games and movies and then auction them for up to 10 times that on eBay to regular customers from Kentucky to Cyprus.

His computer is off by 9:30 each night (a house rule), but he likes the fact that he can make $50 or more before breakfast the next morning. Because on eBay, nobody knows you’re 15 (or cares if you’re asleep).

For some time now, teenagers have been looking to entrepreneurs as pop icons – whether Gates or Trump – as much as they have to rock stars and athletes. Having your own business has become very cool; having your own business before your 20th birthday indescribably so.

via Steve Rubel.

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