The ability to manage customers is one defining factor that separates your average worker from someone with management potential.

Regardless of how careful you plan to operate your business, customers will always complain. So what can you do to help meet or exceed a customers expecations?

1. Don’t Lose Customers. The worst thing about losing a customer is that they will tell all their friends not to buy from you as well.

2. Address Concerns. An angry customer will often be rude, insulting, or even a danger to the success of your business.

3. Compensation. Compensation is a tricky matter as it will cost your company money. Most often than not, however, you will need to offer a complete refund.

4. Keep It Empathetic. If you come across as authoritative the customer will be even more annoyed than when he brought the matter to your attention. Instead, sympathize with the customer.

Photo by d’n’c.

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