Everyone wants success, however it is defined. For some, it can mean financial riches. For others, success can mean reaching the top of their field. Some simply define success as living a fulfilled and contented life.

Alan S. Becker in his book There’s Always Room at the Top: 8 Secrets of the Super Successful explores the secrets to success of some of the most well known people.

Becker breaks down the secrets to success as follows:

1. The two simple but necessary steps to success are: Set a goal and Do it.

2. Know Your Limitations.

3. Go With Your Gut.

4. Never Quit.

5. Keep Your Eye on the Doughnut.

6. There is Always Room at the Top.

7. Power Abhors a Vacuum.

8. The Paths of Life.

For more details on each secret, go here.

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