Founded by Meghan Meyers, a former editor for Family Circle and sustainable travel writer, Portovert is the first and only magazine for eco-savvy brides and grooms. The magazine offers advice for making sustainable wedding choices.

Currently available only online, the publication’s first issue came out just last month and offers a wide array of tips, from natural ways to calm wedding nerves to using vintage props for decoration.

Portovert has also teamed up with Native Energy to create a ‘wedding carbon calculator’ that calculates carbon emissions produced by the principal wedding-related CO2 sources: guest travel, lodging and venue power and heat.

Since the wedding industry is estimated at USD 58.5 billion in the United States alone, and everything eco continues to gain ground, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a magazine like Portovert make the move from online to print.

Photo by Portovert

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