A weblog reader named Eduardo sent in a interesting tidbit from a story he read this morning in the business section of his local paper:

A small flag company called Flagworks, that had increased its sales many fold. The owner, Arlene Flock, had made many changes when she took over the business. The one change that she made that had the biggest impact on the fortunes of the company is perhaps one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever heard of. Large corporations would pay a consultant big bucks for this idea!

This lady decided to only hire people who where happy! That’s right if she didn’t feel that you weren’t a really happy person, you didn’t get the job. She went even further and hired a Happiness Manager. His job is as you might expect, is to find ways to keep her happy employees… HAPPY!

Before you write her idea off as goofy consider this; studies have proven that happy people are more productive, take fewer sick days, get along with others better and my favorite… their brains work better.

Photo by shoothead.

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