The following is a guest post by Lisa Di Clemente.

Lisa Di Clemente

Society’s ideals are changing. Collectively we are becoming a community of thinkers instead of doers. Our generation glorifies children instead of believing they should be “seen and not heard”. Mothers are being honored for their role in the household. Women aren’t fighting for their rights, they now expect to be equals. And now something else amazing is happening: people are flocking to the work at home industry.

It is all part of a transition we are experiencing across the country. We are realizing how much work is being done from our computers, over the internet, by fax, blackberry, cell phones and instant or text messaging! Our minds expand on this thought, “Gee, if I worked at home, I could cut my daycare costs out of my budget! I could organize my schedule so I can pick my kids up from school! I could work anytime of day, I wouldn’t be sitting in traffic and paying high fuel prices, I’d be saving a ton of money and have more freedom and less stress. This is a miracle!”

OK, so we’ve all thought it. How amazing it would be to spend time with the family? To be home when they need you, save money, drive less, make your own schedule, and dare we even dream about (in a hushed voice) financial freedom??? How does it work? There are so many questions left unanswered. Where do you start? What if your job won’t let you work from home? Do you have to go MLM? Do you need a big investment? If you Google “work at home opportunities” you’ll see there are so many offers on the internet, how would you know what is a scam and what is for real? Ahhhhh, now we see why this work at home idea might be a problem! The industry has recognized there is a need and now the market is flooded with sharks. Amazing how that happens.

So, you have a choice. Actually you have a few choices. You can (a) stay where you are at and forget the whole idea, (b) keep researching work at home ventures in your spare time (c) dive in head first, and become chum for the sharks or (d) seek counsel.

My story and work at home experiences go a little something like this: Almost 20 years ago my husband and I were invited to a meeting. We had no idea what we were in for, we didn’t know what an MLM was: and we were sucked in. For $199 we bought our distributorship, and a few months later the whole company flopped. We never heard from them again, and never made one sale. Ten years later I joined another MLM selling cosmetics, there was little to no support, I had no idea what I was doing. I talked my sister into joining beneath me, but it was hopeless, we couldn’t sell one stick of eye-liner. Two years later my husband and I saw a commercial about starting an internet business. This time we went a little too far and paid over $1000 for a package to start your own website! Once we were sucked in there was absolutely no support. Even though I knew zip about the internet, I did manage to get the website up and running and sold perhaps two or three items. Then the world turned upside down: my husband passed away.

At 33, I was widowed, had two small children, a ton of debt and a crappy part-time job. Wow, that seems like a life-time ago. But, my work at home experiences don’t stop there.

Five years after my first husband passed, I married another man. I will admit, it was not a good decision on my part. The marriage failed within 18 months, and I fled with my children in tow. I was single again, and with brand new challenges. My oldest boy was becoming dysfunctional in school, he was a nervous wreck. As brilliant as he was, he had retreated into his own world of video games and fantasy. I made a ton of quick decisions, I had to help my boy.

In our new two-bedroom apartment I started homeschooling and cut my hours at work to just weekends. I had been working in a casino for 3 years, and breathing cigarette smoke daily was beginning to take its toll. I went on the hunt again for a work-at-home program and started another MLM in the health and wellness field. I re-gained my health by taking their products and I felt so confident I could make a living with this company that I quit my job altogether. I did manage to build a small team beneath me, but it was far from being a supporting income. My upline convinced me to buy their leads through co-op advertising, but this was extremely expensive and I quickly went into debt. I did it again, I bought into another company that was really only interested in my money.

Now I will bring you up to speed. Today, I am still homeschooling my children and my son has blossomed in one year in ways I cannot explain without bursting into tears. He sees my commitment and resolve to teach, mentor and lead by example. He has found the reigns to his own life and he is riding his wave of success at 13. My second son has broken his veil of shyness, and is learning to sing, play billiards, surf the internet and rollerskate. They have gone into business together walking dogs in the neighborhood. We bought a beautiful townhome with three levels and we feel as though we live in a palace. We swim nearly everyday, take walks to the park down the street, we sing karaoke and try out new recipes. In other words we have found a way to make life our own. And, yes, I finally found a business that works for me and I am working at home.

That’s my 20 year story in a very tight nutshell. I guess what I am trying to impress upon you is that working from home is a beautiful thing! Getting to that point is an adventure, and some adventures can be costly. I have risen from the dead more times than one, and in more ways than one. But I just… kept… trying… My best advice is to seek counsel from people who care about YOU and not your money. I am glad to help anyone who has goals in life they are trying to accomplish. Working at home was my goal, but we each have a twinkle, a little spark in us that keeps us going. What is your personal goal? A free workshop is available via e-mail, and it is my own design to help others. Another terrific resource are the books written by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Anything written by these two gentleman will give you insight as to why we need to educate our children (and ourselves) about making money. Also, I highly recommend that you do NOT join an MLM until you look into a program called Mentoring For Free. Google it, or contact me and I can help you find them. Quite literally, this will save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Here’s to your ongoing success!