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So what is so special about a Baby Chaleco Bib? We asked and the mother/inventor of Baby Chaleco and she answered:



Q: What was your inspiration for your stylish bibs?

A: Baby Chaleco was inspired my son, who was born a world-class spitter and graduated to become a champion drooler. I tried every bib in the market and still had to change him six or more times a day. Frustrated with all the laundry and inconvenience, I set out to design a bib that was soak-proof and yank-proof, yet still looked like a stylish part of his wardrobe.

As I developed the line, I created different styles to address various baby needs, not only styles for spitting and drooling, which is so common when babies teeth, but also an eating style, which has proven to be quite popular as a gift.

As a parent to three young kids, I continue to be inspired by the desire to make life easier. That’s why all my bibs are battle tested on real babies and toddlers. I am constantly working to make sure they really do outperform the competition.


Q: What Exactly is Baby Chaleco? 

A: We design and manufacture stylish baby tops with waterproof bib performance built right in. With a soft, absorbent outer layer and a highly water resistant inner layer, they won’t soak through, and their unique shapes mean they can’t be yanked off and won’t flip around. Designed to look and feel like clothing, they can be worn all day yet still keep baby’s clothes safe from teething drool, spit-up, dribbly bottles and food.

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Q: What Steps did you have to go Through before starting your Business? 

A: I did a lot of research before starting. When I say I bought every bib in the market, I’m not kidding. I tested them all on my son — who made short work of most of them. I went to loads of stores on-line to compile a chart of  available brands, pricing and distribution.

I also surveyed my target market — moms and grandmoms. (I didn’t focus on dads because moms do most of the purchasing.) I discovered a very desperate market. Maybe only 15% of moms said their baby needed a bib all day, but those that did said they bought up to 40! I also talked to some local retailers to make sure they liked the concept and would be willing to try it.

Next I had to develop the samples, including researching the fabrics, developing the body constructions and creating the styling. Each style was made and re-made and we did multiple fittings on several babies of different ages to be sure of the perfect fit. I also personally washed the test samples repeatedly to make sure they would stand up to real-life use. All that before I even began to look at the fashion side.

Naturally, I had to research the corporate, legal and accounting details required of any new company as well. Finally, of course, I had to write a business plan. It took a bit less than a year from when I first thought of the idea to the first sales. Looking back, I feel like that was an incredibly fast pace.

Q: How long has it been since you first started your business?

A: I incorporated the business in February of 2007.


Q: Have you learned anything new since you’ve started your business that you wish you’d known before?

A: Well, I have learned loads of things I wish I had known, especially about the details of manufacturing, but you really can’t hope to know it all before you start. Learning by doing is part of being a start-up and I guess everyone should count on getting some unpleasant and expensive surprises.


Q: Do you have any advice for other moms out there who would like to start their own business?

A: First, unless you have plenty of babysitting available, if at all possible don’t start until all your kids are in school, or at least in day care. If you think your infant or toddler is going to sit quietly while you make a call or write an email, think again!

Also, this goes for everyone, not just moms, make sure you have plenty of money put aside. No matter how much you think your new business is going to cost to get started, it’s probably double, no make that triple!