Niche travel websites take on many shapes and forms. From nudist resort directories to singing vacations, most cater to tourists and individual travelers. is a niche travel site that caters to a specific kind of business traveler: the meeting planner. Their website rates hotels and services providers according to a meeting planners’ criteria. Currently, most planners rely on sites like Travelocity, Expedia. While excellent for tourists and the standard business travelers, these sites don’t address many of the most important features that planners consider when choosing a hotel.

Since MeetingUniverse is a niche website targeting a very specific subset of travelers, it is a subscription based service. They have an interesting approach, though. Until they reach 100 hotels in 30 major markets access is completely free.

This sounds like a great service to allow planners to choose exactly the right venue for their event, and to give hotels an exact prescription for meeting the needs of these high-paying customers.

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