Tim Berry at Up and Running:

It’s another question I get asked a lot. What’s a good business to start? As if there were good businesses to start. Whoops, I guess people do make lists, experts even, about types of businesses to start. Does anybody ever go back and check on them?

My favorite answer is:

  • Look in the mirror. A good business to start is the one that matches who you are, what you know how to do, what you like to do and the resources you have.
  • It’s not like there are good businesses or bad business. There are businesses that …

    1. You can do.
    2. You want to do and
    3. Where somebody wants what you’re selling. Those things come together in what’s the good business for you.

  • Does the state of the economy matter?

    I think that’s a misconception. Occasionally you’ll find business opportunities that arise as a result of events, but usually your business opportunity is so much a function of you and who you are. There again, whether it’s economy related or not, do people want what you have to sell? That’s crucial.

    Photo by Iguana Jo.

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