Doing your due diligence before buying a franchise involves some detective work. Here’s how to uncover what you need to know.


When Chad and Rhone McCall relocated to Austin, Texas, in January 2007, they were looking for a business to buy. The couple, both 36, checked out existing enterprises before finding a franchise opportunity that provided services to senior citizens. Intrigued, they set out to unearth everything they could about 2 competing franchises with senior-care offerings. BrightStar Healthcare, a relatively new franchisor, had fewer than 30 franchisees – so the McCalls decided they were going to contact them all.

‘We talked to all but 1 or 2,’ says Chad. ‘The BrightStar franchisees were very interested in sharing the positive experiences they’d had with corporate. That was not the case with the other franchise, where franchisees were less happy and less willing to make themselves available to talk.’ Read full article.