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The baby market has been booming with products as of late that answer the latest news of harmful chemicals in baby products. With the latest results of Phthalates found in 80% of tested infants, mom-owned companies are answering the call for safer baby products.

There are more mom and family-owned businesses than ever today and these moms are seeing the need for a product that would make their lives easier and safer. These mom-owned companies have the larger corporation on their toes to keep up with them. This is benefiting all parents as the competition is forcing companies to create better quality products at all price ranges that are safe and eco-friendly.

Now that there are scares about lead paint in our toys and nursery furniture as well as the scare over the bottles we give our babies and the shampoo we bathe them in, moms are providing new products that are safe in this new world of chemical bombardment.

There has been a steep rise in the cost of baby goods in the last several years. Today’s mom wants to express her individual style and not have her sense of self lost in the role of mom. There is a group of moms now know as mom-venters or mom-prenuers. These moms are seeing a need and creating companies to meet these needs as never seen before due to the internet. Parents of today are wiling to spend more money on products that ‘go the distance’ as high quality is the number one reason parent’s state for purchasing a higher-end product.

With access to the internet, families are able to find products that meet their style needs as well as their demands for safety. Parents are willing to spend more money on products that are of higher quality and are also safe for our children and the environment.