11 Ways to Make Money With Robots

Sometimes, the future seems so far away. Twenty five years ago, we all assumed that we’d be jetting around flying cars and being taken care of by robot maids, like the Jetsons. Alas, our expectations of the future were too optimistic. Finally, though, we’re almost there and the forward thinking entrepreneur can look forward to day, in less than a decade, when he’ll be able to make money with robots. The following videos highlight some of the possibilities.

1. Dog Walking

Too busy to take Fido out for a walk? Why not let this robot take care your pet’s physical needs.

2. Aquariums

The sight of fish swimming in an indoor environment is both therapeutic and beautiful. Unfortunately, someone has clean that aquarium. Robotic fish are the answer. They can provide all of the benefits without any of the effort required of flesh-and-blood fish. Plus, your little brother will never overfeed them and leave you to find all your fish floating upside down.

3. Courtroom Sketch Artist

Most courts in the United States don’t allows cameras into the courtroom because their presence can be a major distraction in the small enclosed space. However, sketch artists are usually allowed entry. Working in pencil, pastels and charcoal, they can provide illustrations to go along with the newspaper accounts of the trial. In the near future, robots might completely replace this occupation.

4. Bartending

Let’s face it, it takes a special kind of person to work in a bar all day and night. Not only do you have to deal with the peanut shells and everyone telling you their problems, but mixing drinks is hard work. The difference between profitability and not, could be as little as a few milliliters of booze. Robotic bartenders will never have to remake a drink because it was too weak.

5. Pack Animals

Mules are dirty, hairy animals that require food, water and rest. Other than fuel and occasional maintenance, robotic pack animals have no such requirements. As more and more average people attempt to conquer mountain summits, like Everest and K2, the demand for these mechanical donkeys will grow.

6. Professional Athletes

Too often, professional athletes are looked upon as role models in our society. Unfortunately, they’re foibles and million dollar lifestyles make them poorly suited for this secondary role. Robotic athletes will entertain us with their amazing skills and give us the opportunity to look to others for inspiration in fashion and behavior.

7. Musicians

Much like professional athletes, musicians and entertainers should be seen and heard only when performing. The rest of the time, we should ignore them. This will be easier with robotic musicians. They can be locked in the closet after a performance.

8. Massage Therapists

Massage is big business, but requires a lot of hands on work. For the therapist who doesn’t actually want to touch anyone, massaging robots could be just the thing.

9. Furniture Repair

Today, when one of kitchen chairs break, we might toss it into the garbage. In the future, though, robotic furniture will reassemble itself after a catastrophic collapse.

10. Newspaper Delivery

The paperboy on a bicycle tossing newspapers onto porches has mostly been replaced by adults driving cars. While it might be safer, their delivery isn’t as exact. It’s not a far step, though, from this bicycle riding robot to a paperboy-bot.

11. Security Contractors

The Pentagon plans to spend nearly $2 billion over the next five years on robots, ranging in size from a multi-ton minesweeper to tiny devices now used by Special Forces. Some of that technology is definitely going to be utilized by companies like Blackwater. Think of savings in a labor costs!

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