The Crack Team is a home-service franchise, specializing in concrete crack repairs. Started in 1985 by Mike ‘The Ray Kroc of Crack’ Koder, The Crack Team was developed to address repetitive concerns of homeowners who were faced with the inevitable leaking cracks often found in basements. Koder, a homebuilder for over 30 years, began working with technology that was both a permanent and cost-effective solution to these leaky concerns. His methods were an ideal alternative to the otherwise costly expense of replacement or more in-depth repairs for concrete foundations and other concrete structures.

As Koder’s business grew to more than 1,000 customers a year, he moved forward and developed a line of exclusive crack repair products that are considered to be some of the best in the industry. He also paved the way for others to join the Crack Team by opening franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs in North America who are looking for a niche service company with year-round work availability, repairing basements, garages, sidewalks, and patios. The industry has little competition and the Crack Team franchise offers on-going technical training and support for both the proven system of crack repair, as well as the exclusive line of repair products.

The Crack Team has gained a national reputation as an innovative company with the highest standards for providing excellent customer service. The company mascot, Mr. Happy Crack, proposes the memorable company slogan, “A Dry Crack Is a Happy Crack”, has its own savvy marketing appeal and has spawned a line of successful and instantly recognizable apparel and novelty items which have been featured prominently on television, radio, and in the print media.

The Crack Team franchise opportunity is one of the fastest growing industries available. The company provides time-tested solutions in crack repair. Along with the training and support, The Crack Team also provides lead-generation programs to assist entrepreneurs in acquiring new customers. The exclusive line of products and other accessories are also part of the franchising package opportunity. Territories in North America are established selectively and are protected by the company. The Crack Team participates in industry association and provides access to a network of referrals on a national level.

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