The business in being creative is not something to underestimate. Carpet Sculpture International offers a license to those interested in designing a business around making beautiful designs on rugs or carpets for private homes and businesses.

This is an opportunity that someone who would like to work from their own home can enjoy. Especially if you’ve got enough space for a work area that can be dedicated to the business.

Carpet Sculpture International does not require any experience in this field to be able to purchase one of their licenses. The opportunity is something that is taught through their training program. Within 30 days after the training is over, the business owner should have no problems creating gorgeous RugArt.

No inventory is needed. Everything is ordered on an as needed basis to keep the space needed to a minimum. No one enjoys having a house filled with supplies or other things, so this gives you the chance to have as much free room as possible to work in.

The minimum investment for this opportunity is $25,000 and third-party financing is available. Licenses can be purchased in all states of the US and provinces of Canada. Anyone interested in being a master or regional licensee can check out this opportunity for the UK, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

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