The Daily News:

It’s called the next step in wind power and alternate energy sources.

The WindWing improves on the wind turbine by using airplane technology and running more efficiently, cheaply and quietly than traditional turbines, he said.

A large parallelogram that resembles a set of oversized venetian blinds on a metal rod, WindWing has six wing panels that can tilt up and down in order to create energy. Sensors located behind the panels are able to detect wind direction and strength and adjust the panels accordingly.

The energy is pulled into the stem on the machine and pulled into a box at its base, where it can be converted by an electrical pump into electricity, compressed air or put through a water pump.

“Have you ever stuck your hand out a car window?” Kelley asked. “Then you know how the WindWing works. Your hand tilts up as it is pushed up by the wind and down as the wind pushes it down; all you have to do is direct it.”

While traditional turbines rely on spinning propellers, Kelley says they are inefficient, capturing only a fraction of the energy from the already minimal amount of wind they touch.

Photo by W2 Energy Development Corp..

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