Sun.Star, Philippines:

You have seen the outlets and stores everywhere in Davao City, but you might have never guessed that they are our very homegrown franchise company.

Yes, Pritong Manok, that crispylicious fried chicken started here in Davao City back in the 1990s. At that time, three best friends from college, Edward Chin, Michael Baruis and Teodorico Sanchez, were looking for a business that would bring them extra income.

When Purefoods offered them a great-tasting fried chicken, they immediately grabbed the opportunity and started to market the product and formed a partnership named Prito Kings Food Company Ltd.

“Nagustuhan namin ang lasa. We believed in it and got inspired,” Edward L. Chin, Prito Kings Corporation general manager said.

In June of 1999, they found a vacant store in front of Stella Maris Academy and decided to rent it. This became their first outlet.

However, being an unfamiliar brand at that time, Pritong Manok had a hard time selling the product and suffered losses in their first year of operation.

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