The Australian:

A business built on beer seems like the perfect scenario for a couple of fun-loving university students.

And so it is proving for Valjean Boynton and Campbell King, final-year RMIT University entrepreneurship students. Their business, Kegs on Legs, specialises in party keg hire and delivery to a thirsty Melbourne market.

“We have a passion for business and also a passion for beer, so the two things together are pretty handy,” King, 22, says.

The pair have been dedicated home brewers for years. When they entered university and had to come up with a business idea in the first year of their course, their passion grew into a service – “a bit of fun” – for family and friends who wanted beer and party supplies delivered and set up in their homes or businesses.

News of the service soon spread. Rather than trying to organise all the equipment and spike their own kegs, revellers felt it would be easier to get Kegs on Legs to provide an entire service – kegs, beer, chilling equipment, cups and, best of all, free delivery and after-party pick-up.

Kegs on Legs is expanding its service provision. Apart from the beer itself, the business now also hires out professional bar staff, and a security guard service is available at parties to ensure a safe environment. The goal at all times is to promote celebration.

Photo by Les O’Rourke.

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