The Canberra Times:

A Filipino scientist says he has created a new composite building board made of chicken feathers that could be a breakthrough for the construction industry in Asia.

The new material would be resistant to the region’s armies of termites, and could also solve a big environmental problem in the Philippines by providing a way to dispose of millions of kilos of waste feathers each year.

The research done by University of the Philippines professor Menandro Acda, which is funded by the Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants program, is being heralded as economically and environmentally sound.

Professor Acda said the material, made from a blend of compressed cement and chicken feathers, could be widely used for housing, replacing boards now made with woodchips.

The composite boards were ”resistant to insect infestation such as termites because the feathers are inedible”, he said.

”They are also not as flammable or combustible as conventional cement and wood-fibre composite boards.”

Photo by bugdog.

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