Nashua Telegraph:

Carol Sheehan was just browsing. She was just following up on a tip from a business associate.

But what started out as browsing unexpectedly turned into expansion when Sheehan, owner of the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, “fell in love with the place,” and decided that the recently closed Milford Diner would make the perfect home for the Red Arrow’s first step toward franchising.

On Friday, less than two months after first scouting the property, Sheehan officially closed the deal on the Milford Diner.

While expansion was in her long-term business plans, Sheehan explained that acquiring the Milford Diner was a quick, unexpected process.

“I wasn’t really looking for this,” Sheehan said. “We really jumped on it quickly and here we are.”

Sheehan inquired about the Milford Diner in late July. The diner closed in mid-July after co-owner Gordon Maynard was killed in a car accident.

The diner is scheduled to open Oct. 15. Until then, Sheehan and her staff will be working to transform the Milford Diner, a ’50s-style eatery, into a Red Arrow replica. Read more.