The Franchise Magazine:


blockquote>Revive! High Wycombe franchisee Byron Lindsay has achieved above expectations since the launch of his busines in April. “Finishing close to £4,500 in sales in my first month exceeded my highest expectations,” says Byron. “This was the result of carefully planning with good local market research and a professional launch coupled with hard work and determination.
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“The next few months have shown continual growth to a stage where we were able to achieve over £5,000 in the sales last month. Even with a potential slow down because of the credit crunch, there are so many sales initiatives from head office that the momentum has continued. Last month we undertook a supermarket promotion, with assistance from the head office staff, that provided a decent number of jobs. This month an internet campaign has been created by the sales team that links to my webpage and so I have further leads coming in through the website.