Portsmouth Herald News:

Portsmouth based Vintner’s Cellar Winery, a “make your own wine” business, which celebrates their three year anniversary this fall, was recently honored by the International Franchise Association (IFA) with the prestigious Franchisee of the Year award.

Owners Gail and Mike Locke traveled to Washington D.C. to be presented with their award with congratulations for their franchise growth in New England. In just three years, Vintner’s has expanded from their first location at Gallagher’s Place in Portsmouth, NH to six locations in northern New England.

“I was just so ecstatic when I heard the news” said Gail Locke, owner and president of Vintner’s Cellar Winery. “It is wonderful to hear that the success of this company is being recognized nationally.”

Ms. Locke also added, “I really want to thank all of our customers for the support they have shown for these past three years, everyone really enjoys this relaxed atmosphere, and I enjoy having them here.”