For over five years, What’s Up Dog has offered the hot dog enthusiast a variety of gourmet hot dogs and sausages within the San Francisco area. Their tantalizing menu consists of old carnival favorites like the corn dog, chili cheese nachos and garlic fries. But the eclectic selection of frankfurters and sausages (“Lemon Chicken”, Veggie Tofurky”, “Kielbasa”) has reinvented an American favorite.

Americans eat an estimated 20 billion hot dogs a year, with 150 million consumed on Independence Day alone. We love hot dogs so much that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce actually dubbed July as National Hot Dog Month over 50 years ago.

It was this shared love for hot dogs that inspired What’s Up Dog owner King Lei to open his own hot dog shop. To ensure that he only offered the best, he visited hundreds of hot dog stores from Los Angeles to New York. And his research resulted in rave reviews. “People love our name and products,” remarks King.