From A Couple Of Squeegees And A T-Bird To A $900000 Business

Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Jack Ruegsegger tried to fit into a conventional 9-to-5 career, honest he did.

When he failed to get into medical school, he signed on as a trainee at a Minneapolis stock brokerage, a low-paying position that prompted him to spend his weekends the way he had worked his way through college: as a window washer.

Two months into his training, his boss hired him to wash the windows on his imposing Wayzata residence — after which he quit the brokerage job to start his own window washing company. His explanation was impeccable: “I realized that I’d made more in one weekend washing his windows than I’d made in two weeks at his brokerage.”

Nine years later, Ruegsegger, 32, has built his company, Blaine-based Jack & Joe’s Window Cleaning Inc., into a business headed for nearly $900,000 in 2008. Read full story.

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