It started out as a simple idea, and has received a huge response. Mecinna Price is an inventor responsible for several inventions, including the popular Dripstik.

Dripstik is a device that holds your ice cream cone or popsicle, and keeps it from making a sticky mess. Mecinna says she came up with the idea because of her family’s love for the treat.

So after several prototypes, she came out with this design. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and it can even fit in your car’s cup holder.

Mecinna Price: “I think as human beings, we tend to think small. ‘I can’t do this,’ or ‘I don’t have the money to do that,’ and if anybody in the world couldn’t have done it, it was us.”

Her company Price Products was started with an $80,000 loan she got from her father-in-law, but before this she never thought of herself as an inventor.

Photo by Price Products.

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