Great content can make a great website, but it can also help create a way for businesses to promote themselves too. That is where the Content Spooling Network comes in.

Not many websites realize the potential which is held within article distribution. Those who do see that potential find themselves not having enough time to submit their articles to every article directory available on the internet. Content Spooling Network gives the websites a boost by not only distributing the articles to over 100 directories, while also going the extra mile to insure it is done right. For those that lack the required writing skills, they also offer ghostwriting services at a minimal fee.

I was interesting in learning more about this method so I asked Edward a few questions to learn more about CSN and what they do.

What is the Content Spooling Network‭?‬

‬Content Spooling Network is an article distribution network that provides one way link building,‭ ‬article marketing,‭ ‬and distribution.‭

How does the article distribution work‭?‬

‬Users submit their articles with their links and it gets distributed to our network sites and to top directories on the net with related topics and categories.‭ ‬Our article network is currently monitored by staff for spam and blackhat seo tricks and should pass our QA before being approved‭ ‬and sent for distribution.‭ ‬We also have a feature where we can write the articles for clients and distribute it to our network.‭

What other services do you offer with membership‭? ‬How much does a full membership cost‭?‬

‬We offer low-cost ghostwriting and article writing service,‭ ‬keyword research feature,‭ ‬hitTail integration.‭ ‬A Full membership cost‭ ‬$99‭ ‬per month and‭ ‬Enterprise account cost‭ ‬$149‭ ‬per month.‭ ‬Articles can be requested for‭ ‬$5.20‭ ‬per article.‭

What is it about your service that you feel makes it unique when compared to others like it‭?‬

‬A unique feature would be to be able to publish your own articles to your own website as well as distribute it to others with a single button and the integration with our low-cost article content‭ & ‬ghostwriting service.‭

Where do you hope to see Content Spooling Network go in the coming years‭?

‬Are there any specific goals you might have‭?‬

We are In the process of adding features like video submission service,‭ ‬ghostwriting premium services,‭ ‬Press release submissions and providing more recurring commission for our current affiliate program.‭

What previous knowledge in this industry do you have and how has that helped you as CSN has grown‭?‬

‬Been studying search engine optimization for quite a while and have been a programmer.‭

Did CSN stumble across any problems while it was in the startup process‭?

‬What were they and what have those experiences taught you‭?‬

I really did not stumble across any problems except for coding issues which were fixed.‭

What are some of the most common website genres you see using your service‭?‬

‬Well I can send you a link on that which can be accessed through‭

What tips do you have for someone interested in having you distribute their article for them‭? ‬What should they do first‭?‬

‬First is to decide on the goal of what kind of traffic audience they are targeting examples are is your article created to entice customers to buy a certain product,‭ ‬for affiliate marketing,‭ ‬for newsletter.‭ ‬2nd is to use our keyword research tool to analyze searchable keywords and create the article content around those keywords and the goal and we can distribute it.‭