No matter what kind of business you choose to run, or where you choose to run it, making it on your own steam demands an abundance of forethought, tenacity, discipline and commitment. And, to be charitable, most people don’t have it.

For those contemplating the move home, beware these red flags:

    – You have a powerful aversion to deadlines. If you lose hours at work obsessively updating your Facebook profile or tracking your fantasy football team, just think what you might not accomplish without a boss and a few cubicle mates looking over your shoulder.

    – You have a slavish addiction to the “snooze” button on your alarm clock. If getting out of bed can be a struggle, keep your day job.

    – Your idea of organization is stashing things “over there somewhere.”

    – You crave water-cooler chatter–or at least the ambient hum of office activity (not to mention that raucously sodden holiday party).

    – You wilt in the wake of rejection.

    – When you really stop and think about it, you like the comfort of a two-week paycheck.

Even if you are an enviable, resilient self-starter, a host of additional challenges await you as a home-based business owner.

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