PakNak Charms Their Way Into The Life Of Children

As each child grows up, the next generation seems to find new fun ways to craft up something they’d enjoy. Although the PakNak is mom-invented, it’s definitely a product that shows inspiration from the latest generation of children looking for a way to dress up their stuff.

So what is a PakNak? Using the velco system, a PakNak is a rubbery, 3D fun charm that utilizes the power of velcro so it is also inter-changable with any other charms the child might own. At the whim of a child, where a turtle used to be can suddenly be replaced with another fun character out of the PakNak collection.

Having launched in August of 2007, over a year ago, the two moms who started this business now get to enjoy the feeling of pride that comes from running a fun-loving and successful business. It does help that they have a little game for the young, and the young at heart right on their website.

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