Fitness Together Announcers Expansion In Ireland And United Kingdom

Irish Franchise Magazine:

The Fitness Together Franchise Corporation (FTFC) has announced an agreement to open additional franchise locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company opened its first location in Dublin in 2006, and the success of the concept has led to early demand for expansion.

Carl Cautley, owner of the Rathmines Fitness Together franchise in Dublin, said his business attracted a surprisingly large number of attendees at the grand opening and more than six times the normal attendance compared to average USA locations.

“Personal training is very new to Ireland and Fitness Together is leading the introduction,” reports Kevin Betts, President of Fitness Together. “Here in the States, there is a fitness centre on almost every street corner while that is not the case in Ireland and the United Kingdom. We are in exciting times as more people are getting involved in fitness and realise they need to work with a trained expert.”

Fitness Together has shown impressive growth in the last 10 years, catering to a client wanting to work one-on-one with a trainer in a smaller studio. Offering fully-equipped private training rooms, personal attention, fitness assessments, customised workouts and nutritional programming, Fitness Together follows a 1 client, 1 trainer, 1 goal focus and motivates clients to stick to their fitness objectives.

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