It’s common knowledge that most men do not enjoy shopping. Joanna had known this from experience. As a style consultant, she was already aware of what it was like to help men find clothing they would like. It was also when the inspiration for the Trunk Club started to take form.

Launched approximately a year and a half ago, Trunk Club has a show room located in Bend, Oregon and virtual memberships. Thanks to Joanna, men do not need to leave their home or office to get the clothing they want. For those interested, they have just started offering a new business opportunity for those interested in taking on a new approach to clothing sales.

What was the inspiration behind the Trunk Club? Why did you choose business men as the niche to go after?

The inspiration to go after men came from a need that I saw about two years ago. Men who need to look nice for business or pleasure typically did not like to shop. In fact, it was like pulling teeth to get them to stores to find what they needed. That was my tipping point that there must be a better, more efficient, less painful way for men to buy clothing.

What are some of the benefits received with a Trunk Club membership?

The Trunk Club membership offers men the opportunity to buy clothing in a revolutionary way. They get the convenience and efficiency of internet shopping by never leaving home, and they get the confidence of an expert of a store meeting them virtually at their home or office. Our members get on-demand, live interaction with their TC consultant via the webcam.

When a member wants to view some clothing, what do they do and how does it work?

The Trunk Club process is four easy steps:

01) They become a member by applying online.

02) They are linked with a TC consultant within 24 hours.

03) They go through a live, discovery session with their consultant online.

04) They start receiving shipments of clothing specified for them and they go over the clothing with their expert live, online.

Their membership enables them to engage with their TC expert as many or as few times as they would like in the year.

What kind of growth have you seen happen since the launch of this business approximately a year and a half ago?

We have had growth of almost 1000%. We have opened another bricks and mortar location and with the launch of our virtual membership and virtual consultants, we have had a huge spike in TC members.

Where there any problems you came across during the launch or the beginning of the Trunk Club? What were they and how were you able to overcome them?

We had the normal growing pains of any organization. Partnerships, growing too fast, capital infusions, and employee issues. We take them as we grow and continue to focus on our number one goal: to serve the Trunk Club members.

Did you have any previous experience to help back you as you got ready to start this business?

The Trunk Club idea came to me as a style consultant. I was already helping men with their clothing. I have to say that the Trunk Club success is due a lot to the mentors that were willing to help guide me through the birth and growth of this company. Those who have come before me have so much wisdom to share!

Why did you decide to start offering the Trunk Club business opportunity? What are your requirements?

With the launch of the virtual membership, geography no longer became an issue. Therefore, geography no longer became an issue for our TC consultants who work with our members. We wanted to structure a business opportunity where we could equip our consultants with all the support and infrastructure they need to be successful. Then, there only job is to recruit the members they work with. The rest is taken care of by the Trunk Club corporate. The requirements are that the individual needs to be personable, entrepreneurial, style savvy and a passion for being a part of a revolution.

How much does your business opportunity cost? What does the individual receive with the investment?

The initial Trunk Club style entrepreneurial opportunity is $5000. The licensee fee includes: representation on the website, all marketing material, on-board training, continued mentorship training, access to all the TC systems, policies and procedures, access to a home based business, access to the TC product division, marketing leads, support and the ability to sign on sub-licensees to build huge success.

How would someone who is interested go about signing up for this opportunity?

The best way to find out more about this opportunity is to email [email protected]. They will direct you to a preview call of this entrepreneur opportunity.

If we were to ask one of your members why they joined your club, what do you think they would say?

“This is the way I always wanted to buy clothing, but never knew I could. I love this revolution!”