Friends Are Mothers Of Invention

The Suncoast News:

Like a lot of friends, Debra Medina and Leslie Barile often had we-ought-to start-a-business conversations during the seven years they worked together as counselors at Cody River Elementary School.

The difference between them and other would-be business teams is they got around to making it happen, finding both inspiration and opportunity during maternity leaves.

“We spent a lot of time talking about being mom entrepreneurs,” Barile said. “It was just something that we envisioned for ourselves for the future.”

Barile and Medina recently launched their online company, Spa Time Baby. It sells products that aim to turn baby bath time into a relaxing experience for parent and child.

Their central product is the recently patented CozyCare Cape. The cape’s combination of form and function is almost symbolic of its creators’ style of teamwork and the manner in which they formed their business.

With a Web site and manufacturer in place, Medina and Barile are building their inventory. CozyCare Capes are available in several colors and trims, and can even be monogrammed.

Photo by Klint Lowry.