When looking into a business opportunity, it helps to know as much as possible up front. The more information you have, the more informed your final decision will be. Bar-B-Cutie feels the same way. If you look under their franchise information section from their home page, you’ll find that they’ve listed all of the frequently asked questions up front.

As a barbecue business, their tagline tells you how they feel about the food: The Worlds Best Barbecue Since 1950. That also means, if you are looking to enter the restaurant business, you will have that benefit to back you up when you try to sell within your own community!

Bar-B-Cutie is currently looking for potential franchisees. They are open to bringing in single unit franchisees although they also welcome area developers. The initial fee is $40,000 with a total investment between $292,500 and $503,000. The royalty fee is 6% of all weekly gross sales.

The complete training program will last 4 weeks, at minimum. For the first 3 weeks of training you will be placed in multiple stores within the Nashville area, near headquarters, to help get you started. The last part of the training begins with a team that will come in and assist you in getting your store opened.

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