Management Issues:

There are five common, and easily avoided, mistakes that companies tend to make when setting up teleworking or remote working programs.

According to U.S employers’ association Capital Associated Industries, remote working needs to be about much more than simply waving your workers off at the door.

– The first pitfall is that organizations rush into it without any concrete policies and procedures in place, warned Brandon Dempsey, vice-president of telecommuting specialist Suite Commute, as part of the research.

– The second common pitfall was to over-invest in technology, with companies rushing out to buy the latest technology and gizmos when often they did not need to.

– The third failing was the failure to train managers. It is now well recognized that managing someone from afar requires a different set of management skills, especially how you communicate and stay in touch with your remote team.

– Fourthly, firms often failed to explore whether this type of initiative even fitted within their business model.

– Finally, organizations too often failed to pilot their program before “going live”.

Photo by QorbeQ.