Mom Is An Innovator

A new parent is usually occupied with thoughts of sleepless nights and diaper changes.

Agata Majerski was thinking about a business opportunity.

Majerski was pregnant with her first son while she studied biology and chemistry at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. She began thinking about the type of stroller she wanted, but found they were not available in Canada.

A native of Poland, Majerski thought about starting a business that would bring a European stroller into the North American market. The idea got shelved but in 2002, when she was pregnant with her second son, she revived it and had a container of strollers shipped from Poland to see if they could be sold here as a part-time business.

By then Majerski was working for the Canada Food and Inspection Agency. Martin, her husband, worked at the former Budd Canada plant (now Kitchener Frame).

Majerski didn’t count on her first business venture succeeding.

“When I sent the money for those products, I considered the money lost,” she recalls. “I always thought this would be a side business.”

But it wasn’t. The strollers arrived, proved a hit and a business was born. The success allowed Majerski to leave her job and spend more time with her growing family. It was timely, too, since Martin’s job at Budd disappeared soon after.

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