Party Fun For The Children In Knoxville, Tennessee

When starting a business, most people end up going into debt and gradually building their way out. It was the complete opposite for Marie and Maged Abdu. The parents of 5 children, they knew exactly what it was like throwing fun birthday parties that would be memorable. Little did they know that Marie’s love of creating innovative birthday parties would turn into a business venture.

They registered their business name and waited two years before actually going anywhere with it. Rather than run head first into their venture and go into debt, they chose to use that time to raise the money they would need to get started instead.

Party Planet of Knoxville caters to the 4 to 12 year old age range. With a chosen theme, the children are given the opportunity to use their imaginations and have a birthday party that will not be forgotten any time soon. Parties scheduled Monday through Thursday cost $200 and those scheduled Friday through Sunday cost $225. Of course, this includes the party facility, and all the goodies you could need for up to 15 guests. They also offer special fees for twins and triplets.

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