Rob Toth’s MLM Internet Birthday Party

How does someone go from $8.50 per hour to replacing a full time job at age 23 and, recently, creating $64k in 6 days?

Years ago, my online adventures crossed paths with Rob Toth…and I can tell you that he did just that.

Back when he was 23, he replaced his full-time income through net*work marketing. In fact, he later worked on systems design with leaders in the company he was associated with … and even sold one of his downlines.

Over the years, his business focuses shifted somewhat and he isn’t building a downline at this time…

BUT, he has become quite a name brand with other internet marketers and charges $199/hr for his time. (A big leap from his $8.50 hour job!).

Point is, he’s the “employee who started from nothing and built a respected, brand name and six-figure income using the internet”.

The reason I mention him, is because we’ve developed a bit of a working friendship over the years … and he
just recently celebrated his 28th birthday.

For his birthday, he decided to put together a package just like he did last year … temporary, dirt-cheap
and very valuable.

This year he included his Dear Employee reports and lots of other items you’ll want to look into.


What I want to bring to your attention is his online marketing and lead generation course called “How Can
I Get Visitors To My Website: Traffic Generation Techniques Explained”.

Rob developed this course with 2 other marketers back in February and has been selling this 4-audio + PDF +
cheat sheet pack for $47 at

(Do NOT buy that though! … I’ll tell you why in a minute).

This online marketing and internet lead generation course is probably PERFECT for you for 2 important reasons:

1) It is designed for beginners … all the mainstream traffic techniques are explained: what they are, why
they work, how they work and the action steps you can take to get that traffic technique delivering internet
leads to you. All with the absolute beginner in mind.

2) Unlike many of the other courses that I’ve been invited to review and are targeted at networkers, Rob’s
isn’t a disguised recruiting system…

And trust me, I’ve had plenty of products cross my desk that are positioned as great education for networkers but a large majority actually pitch an opportunity in them…

Rob’s doesn’t. He’s not even currently involved with a network marketing company.


For those 2 reasons alone, at $47 his course would be a great investment.

BUT… he has the entire traffic course AND his Dear Employee reports AND a lot more all packed
together for $8.

Why $8? It’s on theme with his 28th birthday.

And just like last year, I know he’ll close this down soon. (Last year for his 27th birthday he had 27 high quality products selling for $27!)

Here’s the page for his 28th Birthday promo:

I certainly recommend you make a bit of time to look at that page now.

Of course, I’m biased!

1) I know Rob… you probably don’t

2) I know of his hands-on experience and successes (including his recent $64k in 6 days promotion)

3) I know the areas of his expertise

4) I’ve read his reports (and liked them!)

5) I read through his entire offer because I promised him I would (unlike “pitches” that come my way, I didn’t
just skim it)… so I know all the value that’s in his birthday package

But the reason I really invite you to at least look at this is especially for his traffic course.

You can prove it to yourself that he currently sells it for $47 at

But, right now that exact course and a lot more are part of his themed $8 “28th Birthday Sale”.

If you’d like to use the internet to create more and more leads for yourself and for your downline do NOT
pass up his offer:

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