If you have a daughter, then you’re probably aware of how many young women tend to be very fashion forward. Either they know what they want, or they keep tabs on the latest trends. Tanya Murphy noticed how passionate her own daughter was about fashion when inspiration hit her.

Having just launched Design-Girls.com around the middle of last month, so far her business is starting to build up steam. Previous to this startup, Tanya was the Detroit Advertising Manager for a business magazine called Fast Company. It was her boss, who allowed her the independence she needed to conduct business in her own way, which had ultimately helped fuel her desire to become an entrepreneur.

What inspired you to create your business, Design-Girls.com?

My 7 year old daughter! She takes great pride in anything that she creates and she is especially fond of fashion. She loves to shop, she changes her outfits several times a day and she plays online dressing up virtual dolls. I began to think about how I could take this world of online fashion play a step further and create a more real-life experience for young girls. Now, my daughter and others like her can easily design an outfit that is unique and personal.

How long did it take for you to build your website from idea to launch?

I signed on with a web company out of California back in March. The website just launched in September, so it has been a six-month process from idea to reality.

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