Reader Mailbag #2

Thanks for your great response to the first Reader Mailbag. I was originally going to do this as a weekly feature, but given the volume of your emails, there’s a real demand for this, and I might need to do it more often.


How do I sell monologs to Jerry Seinfeld? I know he writes his own stuff, but I just keep coming up with these really funny stories, (true experiences). My friends love the way I tell them, because I embellish on my opinion of the incidents. I have been having some really good one liners lately, and would love to share. In fact, my friend had this idea for me to try to inquire about possibly selling my funny life experiences.

Dane: Melody, I don’t know how to sell them to Jerry Seinfeld, but if they’re really good, I don’t see why you couldn’t monetize them with a newsletter like This is True.

Randy Cassingham publishes two versions of this newsletter — one for free and one for money. The free one offers only a subset the funny stories from his paid newsletter and also includes advertisements, but it alone is sent to 110,000+ subscribers every week. If your stories are as good as ones told by Jerry Seinfeld or Randy Cassingham, I’d subscribe, and I’m sure that others would too. Everyone loves a funny story.


The television has me worried about the recession. Should I be? Is it a bad time to be an entrepreneur?

Dane: If you pay attention to the evening news and the talking heads, the world is headed towards a economic disaster even greater than the Great Depression. When was the last time that the TV news accurately predicted anything of that scale? Did the news tell you prepare for 9/11? Katrina? No, but they did tell you to prepare for Y2K, and look what that amounted to.

If you want to profit in these times, ignore the doom and gloom and concentrate of selling a product or service that people need.

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