Yahoo! News:

With women now owning 40% of all businesses (Center for Women’s Business Research 2008), the “Mommy Track” left behind in the 1990’s, advances in technology, and the increasing acceptance of telecommuting and working from home, a new breed of working mother has emerged: The Career-at-Home Mom.

According to Debbie LaChusa, founder of and author of the new book, The Career-at-Home Mom: Secrets For Earning A Six-Figure Income While Having Time For Your Family ($19.95 at, this new breed of working mother is breaking out of the typical, low-paying work-at-home jobs in direct sales, hobby businesses and network marketing and is dedicated to continuing her career, building a serious business and making serious money.

“I make more money in my home-based business than I ever made working in a job and my career has blossomed and grown in ways it never would have within the confines of a job. Not only that, I’ve also been able to be home with my children. I really do have the best of both worlds. Now I want to help other women realize they don’t have to give up their career when they start a family î º they can do both!” says LaChusa.

Image from Career-At-Home