Working form home can be an adventure, and Doug Hulse knows it. He has been a distributor with TriUnity International for nearly 2 years now.

Although Doug originally came across TriUnity because of his interest in Acai Plus, him and his wife eventually found themselves very interested in the opportunity as well. In just 2 short years they have gone from casual interest to Triple Diamond Distributor status. Together they have been able to reach the kind of milestones that most people in direct sales dream of.

I have had the opportunity to ask Doug a few questions about his experiences with this business and the opportunity they offer.

Why did you choose TriUnity International as the business opportunity to join out of all the options you had available to you?
I chose TriUnity International simply because they had the exact type of product (Acai Plus) that I had been searching for at the time. My wife and I were looking for a all-in-one product to replace the hundreds of dollars worth of supplements we were taking each month. At first, the business opportunity was actually a secondary concern.

What do you enjoy most about being a distributor for their company?
I enjoy watching the people on my team reach personal goals. TriUnity is the ultimate “people business” and the sense of teamwork and support is second to none. I also have the unique privilege of calling the founder & CEO of TriUnity, Greg Gunderson, a personal friend of mine. Greg and I have traveled all over the country together, participating in local and regional product and opportunity presentations for some of the more successful distributors in my downline. Oh, by the way, Greg Gunderson & TriUnity Corporate are my personal sponsor in TriUnity.

What are some of the products sold through this business and what benefits do they offer?
Acai Plus: This is original product that TriUnity launched with. Acai Plus contains Acai, Goji, Mangosteen and over 100 nutritional ingredients in one bottle.

Feed My Brain: This product is based on many years of research of the effects that poor nutrition has on school age children. Feed My Brain is designed to increase the innate IQ of children and adults alike. FMB is available in an adult formula as well as the children’s chewable formula.

White Lightning energy drink: This product is the “healthy” alternative to the sugar and caffeine laced energy drinks commonly found in supermarket and convenience store coolers. I personally love the fact that White Lightning energy drink gives me a mild energy boost, as well as a mental clarity that lasts for hours. (with no crash)

Clear Heart: An Oral Chelation product containing EDTA. The Clear Heart product is what I personally consider a real life saver. Imagine, a product designed to help clear 20, 30, 40, or more years of plaque from hearts and arteries. That is why I am sold on this product, and will never go another day without it.

What are the different levels people can reach within this opportunity?

The first leadership level is called Diamond. This rank is achieved by personally sponsoring 5 Platinum (4-product) distributors.

The second leadership level is called Double Diamond. This rank is achieved by personally sponsoring 10 Platinum (4-product) distributors.

The third leadership level is called Triple Diamond. This rank is achieved by personally sponsoring 15 Platinum (4-product) distributors.

How long did it take you before you reached Triple Diamond Level?

I became a Triple Diamond within a month after this rank was available. When I first joined TriUnity the leadership ranks were not yet available.

What comes with that level once it has been reached?

The Triple Diamond rank allows unlimited infinity bonuses on the 9th level and below. There is also a monthly company revenue sharing pool which is divided equally among all Triple Diamonds in TriUnity.

Why do you feel you’ve been able to be so successful within this opportunity?

The TriUnity products and business opportunity have made my success relatively easy to achieve. I have a true passion for TriUnity, and believe it shows in all I do to build my team. Quite literally, sharing the products and opportunity with a few people, who shared them with a few, and so on… has been the key to my success. TriUnity offers a very unique line of products that people actually want to get on, and stay on.

How much time do you spend on average working?

This is the real beauty of TriUnity… I work when I want to, not when someone tells me to. I put in approximately 20 hours a week building my business by bringing in new distributors, and supporting those distributors on my team.

What should someone do if they are interested in becoming a distributor for TriUnity as well?

Anyone interested in becoming a TriUnity distributor would simply go to our website and click the “join now” button.
People who join TriUnity can do so at 3 different levels: Silver (1-product) Gold (2-products) Platinum (4-products)

Joining TriUnity is as simple as placing an order for one or more products at the distributor cost.
There are no distributor “kits” required to purchase. No monthly or yearly “fees”. Every distributor also gets their own website just like ours where they can send prospects to.

How much does it cost?

This would depend on what level they would like to start out at, and perhaps what optional business building tools they may wish to purchase. In many cases this business can be started for under $50.00!

Are there any specifications or limits they should be aware of?

The only requirement to stay active in TriUnity is to continue receiving at least one product per month.

If you had to choose just one product, which one do you feel is your favorite to sell?

That would be the Acai Plus product. I feel that nobody should be without at least this product.

Which one seems to be a favorite among your customers?

Again, Acai Plus is tremendously popular with our customers, although White Lightning energy drink is catching up fast! The Clear Heart product was just launched, yet judging by early response, this may become the top product in the coming months.

Where would you like to see yourself in the coming year?

I would like to see my personal TriUnity team double or even triple. My downline has already grown into the thousands and thousands, yet there is always room for tremendous growth. We have the resources, capacity, and support to handle truly massive growth.

Do you have any personal goals you’d like to reach with this company?

I’d like to be able to say one day that simply by sharing the TriUnity products and opportunity with as many people as humanly possible, my efforts will be duplicated until millions of people have had their health and financial future changed for the better.

How have things changed with TriUnity as you’ve been with them?

TriUnity has added several new products, and has enhanced the compensation plan to help the average person have success.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about taking on this business opportunity for themselves?

My advice would be to get in at any level they are comfortable with. If anyone feels that they can only afford to start at the Silver (1-product) level, I’d rather see them do that, than not get in at all.