Times are tough and Americans are curtailing their spending. But passionate pet owners draw the line at cutting back for our furry friends — they’re part of the family! Recent statistics released by the APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturing Association) indicate that the pet sector continues to grow, and Camp Bow Wow‘s rapidly expanding business aligns with that trend.

“People will cut back on dining out and shopping, but are much less inclined to pull their dogs out of the day care that they’ve grown to love and trust,” said Heidi Flammang, CEO and Top Dog of Camp Bow Wow. “We continue to see our camps thrive across the country and people still need a safe and fun place to board their pets when traveling for work or pleasure.”

Camp Bow Wow continues to receive strong demand for new franchises, exemplifying the historical performance of franchise systems during recessions. As many employees leave their corporate jobs across the country, they make the decision to go into business for themselves by following a passion. Franchising with Camp Bow Wow makes an attractive opportunity because it provides these entrepreneurs with a proven business model supported by a network of like-minded dog lovers.