Teaching Telecommuting


There is a cultural shift going on, no doubt, as more and more people telecommute. Rising gas prices, greater awareness of our carbon footprints, cost of living considerations, work-life balance, etc., all drive telecommuting.

It occurred to me, though, that we can actually teach kids skills and provide them with tools that allow them to work anytime, anywhere, on any computer. The tools already exist to enable kids to simulate a work environment in which they can remain connected to their data and school resources.

A local school recently had to send kids home because they lost heat in the building. While this is not a big deal for a lot of students (it’s like a snow day, only early!), other students enrolled in SAT prep courses, AP courses, and others that need every day possible to cram in content could certainly have benefited from the ability to work at home.

It’s easy to make a case for letting kids work anytime as well and instilling, if not workaholism, a healthy respect for the tools that let them get their jobs done effectively, even after the school day has ended.

Photo by Chris1051.

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